chart of the day commodities gap

Chart of the Day – Mind The Gap

If this chart isn’t scary, there is something’s wrong with you. Look at that divergence between stocks and commodities compared to the last two great market crashes. Something is going to give, and it’s going to give soon. If you are on the stock side of things you are in trouble, but if you are on the commodities side of […]

mtgox karpeles arrest

How The Regulators Killed MtGox

MtGox is back in the news with the arrest of CEO Mark Karpeles. This news also follows the guilty plea of an FBI agent named Carl Force in the Silk Road case of extortion both against the Silk Road and Gox. I thought now would be a good time to provide a primer for newcomers to bitcoin and explain my thoughts on the […]


Number Of Bitcoin Transactions Continues To Surge

Bitcoin should reach an average of 160,000 transactions a day by the end of the year, or a 100% increase in transaction volume in a year. Despite the “stress test” that took place in bitcoin, where specific users spammed the network with transactions, the number of transactions per day continues to increase. At the end of 2014, the number of […]

bitcoin and deflation

Deflation Boogeyman And Its Effect On Bitcoin

Deflation is a scary phenomenon to many. It’s always the boogeyman the central banks claim to be fighting. They’ve inflated different parts of the economy, and free market forces are always trying to right the distortions. Deflation is the market’s invisible hand, while inflation is the result of conscious distortions created by central planners. Distortions When I talk about distortions […]

US Foreign Policy Cartoon

US Foreign Policy Is So Messed Up, Great Cartoon

The current situation in the Middle East is a direct result of US intervention there. ISIS is blowback, unintended consequences of our past and current crimes. The US needs to stop shooting at the shadows they are creating on the wall.

physical bitcoins

Is Bitcoin Price Inverse To The Strong Dollar Or Not?

There have been many commentaries about the strong dollar and it’s effect on the bitcoin price. The basic thought is that as the dollar strengthens the price of bitcoin goes down. It’s very similar to how gold is thought to be inversely correlated to the dollar. In the three month period from Dec – Jan that argument made a lot of […]

Student Loan Debt

Two Of The Scariest Charts In The World, US Student Loan Debt

The 2008/2009 financial crisis was triggered by home loan defaults hitting the hypothicated tower of assets of the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks. Today the tower of bad debts are represented in the extreme state of the student loan bubble. And it’s not looking very stable. The Student Loan Part of the American Dream We all know the story. […]

brave the world video thumbnail

Police Satire by Brave The World’s Julia Tourianski, Video

Julia Tourianski from Brave The World puts together some amazing content. You can also find her on Twitter @bravetheworld or Facebook. Here she reads a post from the Libertarian Police Department (LPD) in a hilarious police satire piece.